Spiritual Polyamory

For many love is the basis of their spiritual world-view, be that universal love or a deep personal love. This sense of the importance of love as a key spiritual truth is widespread, yet few of us explore the notion of how love is expressed in our intimate relationships. For many centuries who and how […]

Working Positively with Jealousy

I am sure I am not alone here, when I say I have answered this question many times over the 17 or so years I have been polyamorous: “Don’t you or your partners get jealous?” The answer is yes and no. Some polyamorous people feel jealousy very rarely or never and this is natural for […]

8 Points on Relationship Anarchy

You can love a lot of people – each relationship is unique Relationship Anarchy (RA) questions the idea that love is a special, limited feeling which is real only when kept between two people at any given moment. It is possible to love more than one person – your relationship to one doesn’t diminish your […]

Deborah Anapol – Interview

This interview was conducted before Deborah’s tragic death in 2015. In the short time I was blessed to know Deborah she was truly a light and an inspiration to me. I hope her words below will act as inspiration to future generations exploring polyamory, spirituality, and living with authenticity. When did you first identify as […]

Dossie Easton – Interview

For the second interview in the series we are talking to Dossie Easton, the author of The Ethical Slut. You obviously have a very long association with polyamory, sex education and the BDSM scene, could you tell us a bit about how these areas first became a focus for you? I have been a slut […]

Love is Freedom

Marina Cantacuzino the founder of the Forgiveness Project explores learning to forgive when relationships expand or end. Beth had been happily married for 13 years when she met, David, a divorced father of two who she fell in love with. All of this was known to Beth’s husband, who she continued to love. For a […]

Pete Benson – Interview

For the first interview in our author series we are talking to Pete Benson, the author of The Polyamory Handbook. Can I start by saying thank-you for agreeing to do this interview. My pleasure! Thanks for asking! Can you tell us what initially drew you to polyamory? I don’t think anything “drew” me to polyamory. […]